Our training workshops focus on empowering people to interact productively in working or learning environments. For us successful training always results in changed behavior in the work place and elsewhere. Sustainable organisations depend on the skills and effective behaviours of people in their work force and investment in our training ensures you’re paying attention to this.

Our Leadership training workshops are an effective and proven way of helping leaders to review their behaviuoral repertoire and its impact on others. The workshops have proved effective for all those who depend on their skills in building relationships and communication in order to empower and influence and to help make the best of people they manage, lead and work with. We provide pre-reading, which introduces participants to the concepts and theories explored in the workshop.

During the 3-day workshop participants experience real-time learning in which they apply these theories in helping each other deal with real challenges and problems they face in working life. The whole workshop operates so that participants pursue their own personal learning agenda with immediate feedback on the impact they have on fellow participants. This approach is genuinely challenging – it makes the learning vivid and real – people get a chance to engage with real issue and solve them – meaning it is satisfying and works at many levels.

The building blocks that the workshop deals with are:

  • 1. The Importance of trust and connection – how it can be gained and what to do to regain it.
  • 2. Avoid misunderstanding and achieve alignment – getting things on the table (contracting) as a way to achieve common understanding of goals and means.
  • 3. The power of empathy and really listening – being an authentic supporter.
  • 4. Helping your colleagues / partners reflect and learn so they can reach their true potential through skilled questioning and summary.
  • 5. Managing conflict appropriately in an intelligent way appropriate to the circumstances
  • 6. Challenging and confronting others in an effective way
  • 7. Advising and acting as expert – being truly effective and avoiding pitfalls such as dependency
  • 8. Feedback – giving and receiving honest information about performance directly and constructively.


Upcoming workshops

Leading & Influencing - Level 1

An intensive, residential workshop, over three days. This is a chance to take time to notice more about yourself and your impact on others. You will be introduced to seven tools of influencing, by learning about them, experiencing them directly, and then reflecting on what happened for you and others. The giving and receiving of honest, direct feedback forms a significant part of the training, so prepare to challenge and be challenged!

  • March 18-20, 2019
  • June 4-6, 2019
  • October 14-16, 2019

Tel enquiries: 0208 305 1872 – Mobile: 0783 127 3507

More information (PDF)
Want to brush up on styles – Work with us again on practical application of the approach and philosophy used in the seminar. Suitable only for people who have attended the 3 day Leading & Influencing Programme of Intelligent Action Ltd.

  • New dates to be announced soon.

Tel enquiries: 0208 305 1872 – Mobile: 0783 127 3507


We can also provide tailor-made programmes for use within organisations or as part of longer training programmes. We can suggest approaches for a half-day session, a full day or a series of sessions delivered over a period of time.

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