Leadership & Communication: Workshops for Young People

For 25 years we have been training hundreds of adult professionals every year in the styles and tools described on the workshop page (link).
Almost all of them have found the information and insights we have been able to offer useful and relevant to both professional and personal life.
Some of them (and the number keeps increasing ) ask the question – why was I not told about this sooner?
For us these comments repeatedly show a number of things:

  • • People really find the tools useful and relevant.
  • • They see that having the information and insight would have been very useful at an earlier age.
  • • They also think that they would have been ready for such training/ information at a much earlier age.
  • • We agree and this is why we have developed workshops on exactly the same topics for young people which can be delivered in 6, 2 hour sessions.
  • • These sessions are at a level which will be accessible to school children at the ages of 12 and then again at the age of 17. We have chosen these age groups after consulting with schools, teachers and potential students interested to pursue this goal.
  • • In the UK system 12 year olds who are in Year 8 in the UK system have adjusted to secondary school and have a heightened and maturing interesting relationships (while also not facing exams).
  • • At 17 – year 12 in the UK system – students are beginning to think about employment and vocation and have the opportunity to learn the tools and link them to the demands of adult life that they are increasingly aware of as they approach the age of leaving school.