It feels like a great moment to come out of the shadows and pin my colours to the mast! It is surprisingly scary to define what I do so precisely. For nearly 25 years I have been a pretty successful consultant taking on projects covering many fields and in many countries. The approach to communication and relationships I describe here in our website underpinned my professional behaviour throughout that time and has served me and my colleagues well. It’s not a panacea or a magic bullet but simply a way of describing and promoting natural ways that humans have learnt to behave when they wish to help each other and cooperate successfully.

It has a basic idea underlying everything which is that we should see ourselves as being of service to others for at least part of the time and that we can usefully become skilled and intelligent in how we do this.

Our real expertise lies in how we have learnt to describe this in an accessible friendly way and can train people with results that show sustained changes in behavior after the workshop is over.

I’m really looking forward to developing the content of the website to make our experience available to a wider public and creating a larger professional community for those we have touched.

Nick Zienau