We offer consultancy to leaders and organisations which are faced with the need for change or improvement. Leaders find this useful because a skilled and experienced outsider can help in ways that are difficult to do from inside an organisation.

We work by using action research and co-design in our consultancy projects which means:

  • Investigating the current situation through the eyes and voices of stakeholders and clients
  • Sharing findings in a transparent way with appropriate employees within the organization
  • Assisting the team whose responsibility it is to make the change happen to design and implement the new programme.


What you can expect from us in consultancy – practicing what we preach:

  • Focus on empowering clients to achieve their goals through thoughtful and intelligent interventions
  • Balance effective challenge with genuine support
  • Focus on building the capacity of our clients to achieve sustainable change

Often how we do this also includes:

Executive Coaching  –  “It’s not them its us!

When we face behavior in others that we wish to change or influence – we need to think about what we must change on our own behavior that will help the other.  This belief underlies our coaching approach.

Our coaching usually focuses on helping people with responsibility figure out how to get things done intelligently and in a way that empowers others. In a way it’s another more personalised way of delivering the training in skills that we offer and can be used instead of or to complement training.

Busy people often need time to reflect on what they are doing – particularly in relation to their role in getting the best out of others.

Leaders and managers can only achieve the results they need through the actions of others and so their most consistent need is to have support in how they handle the relationships and interactions they have to achieve lasting success.

Coaching usually consists of one and a half to two hour sessions preferably face-to-face but they’re also possible through video calling.

After an initial discussion meeting to agree frequency – sessions are usually booked as a three session course.